Young Adult

Disadvantaged Young Adult programme.

Our Disadvantaged Young Adult programme was the thing that City to Summit was created around.

Our aim with this programme is to take young adults from ‘under privileged backgrounds’ and, over the course of a week, help tutor them in life skills such as; teamwork, communication and overcoming obstacles. All of this while putting them into a wild mountain environment and helping them be able to take part in a completely self sufficient ascent of a mountain peak with the City to Summit team working in the background to support team assisting and monitoring the young adults to ensure their safety.

This programme will make no profit for the business.

The young adult will be expected to fundraise half of the cost (supported by the C2S team in this where needed) while City to Summit will Fundraise throughout its life and cover the other half from our own pockets through the generosity of its customer base.

To help us achieve this goal we will be running a private led mountain experience along side this,, we hope that people will help support us in helping these Young Adults and in return, as a thank you, for every Young Adult you help completely fund, City to Summit will take you on an all inclusive, memorable mountain experience all of your own.

While away on this programme the Young Adults will have access to the following activities, where these are appropriate to their course:

  • Navigation; the ability to find your way in and around the mountains is a unique and important skills
  • Abseiling; descending a sheer cliff face, safely, speedily and efficiently. There are many different styles of abseiling, some more effective than others in different circumstances. City to Summit offers an instructor lead Abseiling taster session. Different lengths, different locations, different abilities.
  • Rock Climbing; The ability to safely scale a cliff face. City to Summit offers an instructor lead Rock Climbing taster session. Different lengths, different locations, different abilities.
  • ‘obscure cliff scaling solutions’; climbing cliffs using equipment not generally thought of in a mountaineering expedition. Large Cargo nets and rope ladders being the main activities we can offer. Great for team building experiences.
  • Wild camping; Helping give you the ability to enjoy the outdoors from a truly spectacular perspective. Camping in some of the more wild and adventurous places in our countries mountains is an experience you will never forget.

All of our activities are closely monitored by our instructors for a completely safe adventurous experience!

All of our activities can be adapted to certain extents for people of varying degree’s fitness or ability allowing us, with adequate notification, to adapt your programme for the less physically abled members of your group.

We Would like to remind our customers of the most important rule City to Summit has: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.

There will be more details of this product released as and when we have ironed out the creases of the Programme.

There will also be more details released of how you can help us, help these Young Adults, released on our Social Media Pages, Blog and the relevant parts of our Website. For any Fundraising Ideas you have or to express your interest in helping us please contact us here.