Here at City to Summit we have always never been happy just being good enough, we always strive to be the best, to be better than the competition, both personal and professional.

Simon at the end of mentally difficult 7 hour hike on Elan Valley.
We aim to give the customer that sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from learning or achieving something new.

Be that improving a skill such as your navigation ability or be that finally reaching the summit of a mountain that has eluded you since you set your sights on it.

Our courses enable you to learn and fine tune the skills that bring these achievements into arms reach.

The ability to navigate in dense fog and cloud cover, the ability to tactically lead your team across mountainous terrain, safely, quickly and to a location that will surprise the enemy, a taster of the ability to climb rocks or to descend cliff faces safely.

Our customers are people that strive for excellence, people that just being good enough is never enough, people that always want to be better than those that have gone before them, better than they themselves were yesterday.

To take a skill you already have and improve it takes practice, this practice is exactly what the C2S staff can give you, practice in a safe, secure, fun environment.

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