From today, every Thursday as much as possible the team at C2S will be reviewing an item of our favourite kit and equipment.

This week we’ll be talking about the Zodiac Jacket by the guys at Thru Dark.

Matt using the Zodiac Jacket by THRU DARK in the Shropshire Hills.
This amazing jacket, while expensive is one of the best jackets I’ve ever seen. Hard shell completely waterproof hood, upper arms and chest area while the rest of it is soft shell stretchy material.

The freedom of movement and comfort that this waterproof enables is phenomenal. Climbing, abseiling, hiking, mountaineering this jacket can do it all.

For us here at C2S this jacket is the perfect demonstration of adaptability. The key skill in any outdoor environment is being able to adjust and adapt to any changing situation and this jacket with its mix of materials does that aswell as anything I have ever seen.

While it’s not the cheapest jacket on the market I’ll admit it is one of the best I’ve ever worn and completely worth every penny. There is no mountain that I would not take this jacket to and expect it to perform.

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