Everyone likes to be alone from time to time. Being in the mountains is a great escape from the chaos of the real world. Below we talk about the key things we here at City to Summit think you should do to ensure that your adventures dont suffer and become unsafe.

Matt reflecting in the hills.
Number 1, be realistic, by all means push yourself, but within reason, I for instance will never physically push myself on a solo hike/ mountain day unless it is somewhere with very good amenities if something was to go wrong. Dont attempt something that you wouldn’t attempt with a friend or a team, on your own.

Number 2, pack the essentials and dont worry about the luxuries. Warm kit, wet kit, water, food, and safety equipment (map, compass, emergency shelter, first aid kit) do you really need any more?

Number 3, dont neglect your navigation practice. A map and compass, should always be taken out into the hills with you. Use it, every day is a learning day, you may learn something new when you least expect it. Use your solo hike to practice the basics, pacing, practice your ability to take and walk on a bearing etc.

Finally number 4, always let someone know where you’re going and when you’re expecting to be back, dont forget to always add in a little leeway in terms of the final time to account for things that you didnt expect to happen.

If this seems like something you’d enjoy but dont have the confidence to go out by yourself yet then a lesson or two with the crew at C2S could be exactly what you need to gain that confidence in your abilities.

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