City to Summit will be offering custom made programmes each unique and made to the clients exacting specifications.

We will be offering the chance for each client to tell us what they would like to achieve and this will then allow us to build your programme around it.

From soldiers wanting to practice some tactical Mountain Navigation and other tactical mountain skills, to families wanting to have a bit more adventure and enjoy these amazing areas of our country in a different, memorable manner.

If you have an idea for your ultimate adventure or learning experience then get in touch and we will come up with something if we are able to do so!

The base activities we can offer for this programme are as follows:

Our Private Programme gives you the chance to chose activities such as:

  • Navigation; the ability to find your way in and around the mountains is a unique and important skills
  • Moving in Mountainous Terrain; whether a company lead mountain day, up a mountain you’ve always dreamt of, or a more tactically focused day, we can do it all
  • Abseiling; descending a sheer cliff face, safely, speedily and efficiently. There are many different styles of abseiling, some more effective than others in different circumstances. City to Summit offers an instructor lead Abseiling taster session. Different lengths, different locations, different abilities.
  • Rock Climbing; The ability to safely scale a cliff face. City to Summit offers an instructor lead Rock Climbing taster session. Different lengths, different locations, different abilities.
  • Rope Ascending and Descending; Climbing or descending cliffs using fixed ropes set up over overhanging cliffs. A high level of fitness is required for this activity to be able to efficiently ascend the fixed ropes.
  • ‘Obscure cliff scaling solutions’; climbing cliffs using equipment not generally thought of in a mountaineering expedition. Large Cargo nets and rope ladders being the main activities we can offer. Great for team building experiences.
  • Wild camping; Helping give you the ability to enjoy the outdoors from a truly spectacular perspective. Camping in some of the more wild and adventurous places in our countries mountains is an experience you will never forget.

All of our activities are closely monitored by our instructors for a completely safe adventurous experience!

All of our activities can be adapted to certain extents for people of varying degree’s fitness or ability allowing us, with adequate notification, to adapt your programme for the less physically abled members of your group.

We Would like to remind our customers of the most important rule City to Summit has: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.

These activities can be offered as a one off or can be combined into a truly adventurous package covering all of the needs of your time with us.

To enquire about your next big mountain adventure please Contact us here.