The Pilgrim Boot by AKU is in my humble opinion one of the best all round walking boots ever created.

Regardless of what kind of terrain you’re going over, regardless of whether you’re carrying lots of weight or just the essentials, this may well be the boot for you.

I’ll start this by saying that just because this boot works perfectly for me it may not work perfectly for you. I would always recommend going and getting your feet measured and fitted for a pair of boots so that they work perfectly for you aswell.

Now back to the pilgrim. This boot was designed for the military with a lot of input from military professionals in the special forces. Its light and comfy enough to run in with enough support and cushioning to TAB in or spend long days in the hills with heavy weight on your back.

It comes in goretex or non goretex depending upon your requirements. The goretex version does exactly what it says on the tin without sacrificing to much breathability, the non goretex while it may let water in is very quick drying.

These boots have already done hundreds of kilometers for me and are still as good as the day I first put them on and I really can not recomend them highly enough.

I would not be surprised if over the coming year you will find almost all of the C2S staff wearing them while instructing you or cutting around in the hills in their own time.

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