City to Summit would like to take this opportunity to thank every single, member of the armed forces family. Currently serving or veteran alike we are one massive family that not only spend our lives serving and protecting the values and freedoms of British people around the world.

City to Summits staff try to live our lives by the values and standards of the british army and would encourage all of our followers and the people we teach to take a similarly unselfish approach to life.

Courage, Discipline, Respect for others, integrity, loyalty and Selfless commitment.

To the staff here these are the most important things we could have ever taken away from our time in service.

📸 by Jake Wardog (tagged)

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We’ve talked about being mentally fit to head off into the hills for a day but what about other types of mental ability?

A safe, fun day in the mountains requires a certain amount of technical ability it’s true, but it also pays to be smart.

There is no point having the knowledge to adapt and overcome any obstacle you meet if you go about it the wrong way.

The smartest way of overcoming obstacles is normally to identify them and to navigate yourself and your team around them, unless getting over that obstacle is the goal of your day out that is.

Generally speaking however the best way to get to the top of that cliff that is in your way, or to get around that boulder field infront of you, is to quite simply use your knowledge of navigation to circumvent the obstacle.

Whether its directly bearing that obstacle in your way or the ability to safely, quickly and effectively work a new route around it the staff at City to Summit have many ways of helping you prepare.

The picture above was taken in the Lake District after working our way around and to the top of the cliff face you can see on the left rather than climbing it.

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Fitness is important. That statement is never more apt than when you are talking about being in the mountains.

Physical fitness to be able to thrive in these environments, getting up a mountain takes effort, no two ways about it, but getting to the top is only half of the fight, getting down takes just as much energy.

Mountains also need mental fitness, there is a lot going on and a lot that can go wrong up there. When and things happen you’ve got to be mentally able to hold it together and, work out where you are so you can get down, help an injured colleague get off the hills, or even get yourself down if the climb is to arduous for you to successfully conquer.

The City to Summit team have conquered many extreme mountain environments in the UK and faced these challenges many times.

We want to give you the knowledge, and the ability to be able to prepare yourself for the best chance to overcome these challenges.

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A day in the mountains normally revolves around the aim of attaining the Summit.

Here at C2S the word Summit has lots of connotations.

Getting to the physical summit of a mountain normally entails lots of adversity, navigational challenges, weather and meteorological challenges, physical and fitness challenges.

However The C2S team see the Summit as something much more. Every person has an internal Summit, whether that be a summit of their abilities, or one in their physical or mental fitness.

The mountainous areas of the UK are a phenomenal leveller for every person. City to Summit prides ourselves on helping push you out of this internal comfort zone and create a better self as well as a better mountaineer.

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From Terrain that will take your breath away to the skills to unlock the wilder places of our beautiful country. City to Summit’s hard working, knowledgable, dedicated staff have what it takes to allow you access to almost any mountainous terrain in the UK.

Our mountain walking programmes allow us to help you reach some of the places you’ve been desperate to get to and experience.

From the tops of familiar mountains like Pen y Fan and Snowdon to some slightly more challenging mountains such as Cadair Idris where almost continuous challenging weather makes the navigation aspect of mountaineering a necessity.

All of these mountain ranges and more are at your finger tips with the help of City to Summit.

Ask away and where at all possible your wish is our command!

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Meet Simon, the other owner and Co-founder of City to Summit.

Simon has, over the past few years, found a new love of the outdoors, finding it both mentally and physically a challenge, however always rises up to the occasion.

He has been extensively trained over the years by ex and serving members of the Army and is keen to introduce others to the experiences and knowledge he has encountered.

Of all the programmes City to Summit offers, it’s the disadvantaged young adult scheme he is looking forward to being involved in.
Having personally felt the effect it has had on his physical and mental well-being he is keen to introduce the young adults to challenging situations and watch their confidence and personality flourish in the space of time he spends with them.

Knowing it is a non-profit section of the business is an exciting concept, and one he is aware will be challenging, however he is thoroughly looking forward to the rewards gained from such an amazing opportunity.

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And finally. After much cursing, sweating and hard work City to Summit is alive.

Fully functioning social media pages with a growing, amazing fan base. And now a fully working website! Booking pages, contact forms, activity and programme summaries, along with details about the company and the people we have working for us. (More on this on Friday)

Please take a look at our website and get involved with the C2S family!

Our website address is in our Bio.

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We are live!

I am happy to announce the City to Summit website is finally open for business! All forms are working, booking is live, and we are good to go!

We would like to request that if you have any questions you fill in within the contact us form so we can build upon the website as well as fill in our FAQ page!

Other than that, happy browsing! and we hope to see you all soon!

The C2S Team


Something slightly different again today. A quick update on all things C2S.

Over the last couple of weeks the C2S team has been hard at work getting our website squared away ready for you all to take a look and start booking trips for next year.

With the current COVID-19 restrictions and the fact that one of our members is still a serving rifleman in the Army Reserve. We will not be taking any bookings or getting anything properly off the ground until April next year once our esteemed Rifleman returns home.

From April we should be in the best position possible to bring you all to the mountains and give you some experiences you’ll never forget!

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