The mountains are an amazing leveller. Everyone has skills that are useful in the hills and everyone has weaknesses they need to train in and improve.

Bad judgement leads to experience, experience becomes knowledge if you learn and improve so that the chances of it or something similar happening again are lowered.

You’re navigating out in the hills and something goes wrong and you’re not sure where you are. You stop, check your map and realise you took a bearing wrong a while ago. What do you do? You go back the way you came and start again from the last place you knew where you were right? You then take a new bearing, make it to your next point and finish your hill day.

That’s knowledge and experience gain right there. Now to capitalise on this you take the opportunity when you get home to refresh yourself on how to take and follow a bearing.

This is another of those teachable moments weve spoke so much about before. Every time we’re out in the hills theres always lessons to be learnt for those that want to.

A hill day with City to Summit will broaden your horizons in the hills, and give you a new idea of what is and isnt possible if you put your mind to it.

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