One of our favourite mountains here at City to Summit is Cadair Idris.

We see Cadair as one of the best mountains in terms of training value. Sheer cliff faces, scrambles, little to no footpaths, boulder fields, very questionable weather conditions. Cadair Idris has it all.

Chances are, if you were to come on some of our courses, and we had the opportunity to plan it for you, you would see Cadair a few times.

From a teaching perspective Cadair gives us endless possibilities for learning.

Navigation can be difficult due both to the lack of footpaths and obvious signs, but also due to the inclement weather that is very common.

Rope work and technical skills, cadair has alot of crags and cliffs, something for us to offer in terms of climbing or abseiling.

From a military point of view it is a very good hill day with lots of teachable moments for everyone to learn from. Tactically there are lots of chances for point men to practice their navigation and route selection for their patrol. Lots of challenging moments for patrol commanders to control the movement of their men.


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