RFN William Aldridge

RFN William Aldridge

Something a little more sobering today. Something a little less happy bit none the less just as important.

Today City to Summit remembers Rifleman William Aldridge who sadly lost his life on this day in 2009 in Afghanistan.

The following was taken from the Government website written about a very dear friend:

Rifleman Will Aldridge joined C Company 2 RIFLES in Ballykinler, Northern Ireland, in December 2008 at seventeen years of age, after attending The Army Foundation College at Harrogate and completing his Infantry Training in Catterick. Rifleman Aldridge completed pre-deployment training for Afghanistan with his Platoon but was unable to deploy on tour until he turned 18 on 23 May 2009. Rifleman Aldridge played a key role with the Battalion’s Rear Party in Ballykinler, guarding the families of those already in Afghanistan until he was old enough to deploy himself. Rifleman Aldridge was fiercely proud of being one of the very youngest British soldiers in Helmand.

Rifleman Aldridge was killed by an IED blast in Sangin on 10 July 2009 whilst helping to extract casualties from a previous explosion in which he too had been injured.

R.I.P. Brother. Gone but never forgotten.

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