Here at City to Summit we’re hugely into respect in a mountain environment.

Respect for others, whether those others are on your climbing team or are just other people that will be sharing the mountains with you.

Respect for your team comes in many different ways, knowing your fellow climbers limits of ability, means if you’re navigating for the group you know the best route to take to achieve your objective. From a military standpoint you’ve got to ensure the safety of the blokes following you, take them on the best route, on the route least likely to meet enemy resistance of any kind.

Respect for other people on the mountains comes in other, smaller, gestures. Taking your litter home with you, not vandalising areas of climbable rock, little things like that make the mountain so much more enjoyable for those that climb the hills after you.

Lastly comes respect for the mountain itself. Some of this crosses over on what was mentioned before, things like leaving nothing but footprints, taking nothing but memories. Any rubbish you take up the hills with you, take it home dont leave it behind. Keep your dogs and pets under control especially around live stock and other wild animals.

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