Mountaineering is a strange passion. It’s both incredibly selfish and incredibly selfless at the same time.

Sure you can be away for days, weeks or even months at a time tackling your next big mountain dream.

But you very rarely climb anything of note on your own. Most good mountains are a team effort, and as such you are responsible not just for your own safety but for theirs to.

Nothing is as selfless as having the power to look after other people.

Here at City to Summit we not only have the selfless commitment to ensure your safety out on the hills, no matter what we are teaching we are always ready to step in and take over if necessary. But we can also teach you the skills that will enable you to selflessly help and assist other members of your team.

Navigation, so you can get yourself and your team off the hills in any weather or at the very least be able to accurately tell others where you are in an emergency.

Rope skills, we can give you a taster of the skills required in other difficult terrain to help each other reach the summit, or help get each other down safely.

For both civilians and military personnel alike these skills can be essential but for different things and delivered in different ways.

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