Mountaineering is a sport that thrives on being disciplined. Mainly disciplined with yourself and disciplined with your kit and equipment.

Self discipline is a hard thing to teach and learn, it takes an inner desire to be the best at what you want to do. The C2S team can help you achieve this goal but like all of the values and standards we work by we can not give it to you, only you can give it to yourself.

Kit discipline is another entity all together. You will see from watching our instructors that we are very specific about the kit we own and use and even more specific about the kit we will take out into the mountains with us. Having a smaller packing list that allows us to do multiple things with most items is essential for us to achieve this disciple with our kit. Only taking out an item from our bag when it is needed and immediately replacing it in the same spot when we no longer require its use.

The team is also highly disciplined in its fitness routines. Climbing a mountain requires effort, the more we train and familiarise our bodies with the effort it will take the less our bodies suffer on the hills, the easier it is to keep a clear head when that is needed and not panic when things go wrong.

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