Loyalty in the mountains is a bit of a weird one. Its taken me a good couple of days to come up with this one.

Loyalty can be demonstrated in many ways; staying by a friend when they’re struggling with something. Doing the right thing by the group even tho it makes your life harder, not revieling a secret someone has told you.

From a mountaineering viewpoint loyalty is something else completely, things like never leaving your climbing/ walking partner to struggle alone, being loyal to the countryside and the animals that call it home by taking your rubbish home with you and doing everything within your power to get an injured or scared climber away from the mountain and back down to safety.

Loyalty is a massive part of mountaineering but it’s something that cant be taught, you’re either a loyal person ready to stand by your oppo whatever the problems you face or you’re not that kind of person.

Whether this person is you or not you can rest assured that City to Summit will stand by you and deliver a safe, fun and exciting mountain experience whatever it is you would like to do. If we can do it, we will do it.

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