The first of the Values of the british army. Courage is just as big and important in a mountain environment as it is on the battlefield.

So how does courage transgress onto the mountain side?

Courage appears In many different ways:

To safely lead a group of people up a mountain is a big responsibility and takes courage to carry out effectively.

To know when the time is to turn back and having the courage to stand by your decisions, especially when it effects the group.

To be able to scramble up or climb a cliff, takes a lot of both physical and mental courage.

From a military mountaineering stand point, there are many instances of courage specific to this terrain, being the first man up or down a cliff before coming face to face with a potential hostile presence. Taking point leading your patrol into potentially hostile terrain,the weather is bad, the going is tough and the enemy could be anywhere.

These are just a few examples of the types of courage that a course with City to Summit can help you improve.

With an increase in experience comes an increase in skills, comes an increase in self belief leading to an increase in the courage you have in yourself.

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