Meet Simon, the other owner and Co-founder of City to Summit.

Simon has, over the past few years, found a new love of the outdoors, finding it both mentally and physically a challenge, however always rises up to the occasion.

He has been extensively trained over the years by ex and serving members of the Army and is keen to introduce others to the experiences and knowledge he has encountered.

Of all the programmes City to Summit offers, it’s the disadvantaged young adult scheme he is looking forward to being involved in.
Having personally felt the effect it has had on his physical and mental well-being he is keen to introduce the young adults to challenging situations and watch their confidence and personality flourish in the space of time he spends with them.

Knowing it is a non-profit section of the business is an exciting concept, and one he is aware will be challenging, however he is thoroughly looking forward to the rewards gained from such an amazing opportunity.

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