A massive thank you from the City to Summit staff today to our steadily growing army of followers.

Today, thanks to all your help we’ve just passed the 100 Follower mark on our Instagram page!

It’s taken it’s time, been steadily growing but the team are adamant that instead of pushing out multiple, sometimes useless posts a day, we’re going to continue posting relevant, interesting and hopefully inspiring posts 4 or 5 times a week.

Over the coming months we plan on creating more gear reviews and advice on some of the best kit we have found and regularly use, we’re also planning on creating some more interactive posts, posts where we ask and tutor you, for free, on small easy bits of mountain skills you can do from your sofa, in your front room!

We will of course be pushing out our normal content and updates about the company, the training we’re going through and the skills we are able and happy to help you learn or improve.

Once again, thank you to all of you for helping us reach 100 people on Instagram and almost 150 people on facebook!

One last big ask for me, if you’re one of our facebook followers and dont follow us on Instagram or vice versa, then go find us and give us a follow, you’re support Is always appreciated, a massive thank you from us all again and keep on liking, sharing and spreading the word!

Help us, help you, help others!

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