Co-Founder Simon on the hills of the Elan Valley

Fitness is a paramount priority for many sports and none more so than Mountaineering.

Both mental and physical endurance is essential if you are to complete your task in the mountains effectively, quickly and safely.

Mental endurance is important, without it when the going gets tough you will struggle to keep motivated but even more importantly, your mind needs to be in the best possible position incase things go wrong.

Physical endurance is an essential part of our sport as without it your body will not cope with the stresses of the climb and you will struggle, your safety may be compromised and you will not enjoy your trip.

Every mountain should be a challenging climb but it is your job to ensure you give yourself the best possible chances of getting to the top and back again.

While City to Summit instructors are not qualified PTIs we are more than happy to signpost people to qualified to help improve their fitness and to help people busy showing them the kind of things we do to train for the hills.

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