Life begins where your comfort zone ends.

It’s a common saying and I’m sure most of you will have heard it countless times. But just how true is it?

Anyone that loves adventure and loves being outdoors will tell you that nothing easy is ever really worth having.

Every adventure you will ever have is much more fun, much more memorable if you’re out of your comfort zone while you’re doing it.

The sense of achievement from something that was easy is tiny, the sense of achievement for something that scared you, something that was difficult to achieve and you had to work for is phenomenal.

These are the kind of memories the team here at City to Summit can help you achieve. By helping you move out of your comfort zone but still keep you as safe as possible while you’re doing it.

We love the mountains, and the senses of freedom and adventure that come with it. We love the memories a good day in the hills, a good day learning new skills that not only help expand your comfort zone but could also one day save a life.

What’s more is we are desperate to help you all achieve more; more adventure, more freedom, more memories. Because life really does begin where your comfort zone ends.

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One thing I encourage every person that climbs anything with me, however big or small, however long we are out for, is to reflect on the days activities.

2 or 3 things that went well, 2 or 3 things that could have gone better.

Sometimes these are a really obvious thing. The person navigating a certain part of the route may have made a bad path choice, they may have managed to get to the top of a particularly challenging summit.

Anything that has effected them physically or mentally in any way shape or form.

This is a good practice to get into with your every day life to. Every evening after you’ve eaten and while watching a film on TV just take a few minutes to reflect on your day.

You’ll be amazed at what you have managed to achieve, even on a relatively normal, boring day at work.

If you can, and want to then go one step further and keep a log of it then that provides a valuable training resource, especially while out in the hills, if you routinely make the same mistakes and short failings then you know that that is the area that you need to work on.

The City to Summit team is very adept at helping you work out these boundaries and smash through them to make yourself a better mountaineer. Whatever the challenge we will help you better yourself.

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As the old adage goes, fail to plan, plan to fail.

Every one of City to summits mountain courses are meticulously planned to give the customers the best experience possible.

This is something you can still take away and do for yourself. A course with City to Summit let’s you take a part in the planning process and mould the experience so that you get out of it exactly what you wish to achieve.

Here you can see the owner in Dartmoor surveying the next part of his route after planning it days before on paper.

Even the best laid plans dont always happen the way you would have wished them to. The route we plan together on paper will inevitably be different once we get boots on the ground and have the ability to see with our own eyes the lay of the terrain.

The above mentioned example of the instructors day out today was subtly altered by a very low cloud base and extremely wet ground that became very swampy in some areas.

A prime example of having the ability to adapt and overcome any problems.

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Everyone has a big goal they wish to achieve whether that be mountaineering or in normal life. Every goal needs to be further broken down into four sections..

Relevant: is your goal relevant to you? Does it mean something to you? For example, “I want to improve my ability to Navigate in bad weather”

Realistic: is this a realistic change? Do you have the ability to achieve this? Sticking to the above example… do you have everything at your disposal to improve your navigational ability. Surround yourself with the right people, get the best advice you can, get the best equipment you can, spend all your time studying maps, and learn all the new skills you can.

Achievable: is the goal you have set yourself achievable? While it may be a realistic goal for you to have do you have the physical ability to achieve this? Do you have the time to devote to navigation and becoming a better navigator?

Measurable: how will you know if you have achieved your goal? As a navigator how will you know your skills have improved? Have you got a route you’ve always felt daunted by that you would love to pit your new found navigational skin against? Maybe, being a soldier youd like to lead your team as point man on a patrols competition.

City to Summit can help you achieve your goals or to help you work out what your goal will be.

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Navigation is one of the most important things that the staff at City to Summit spend our time teaching.

Navigation comes in three main sub sections, each one as important as the other two, each a unique challenge in their own right, each is a key part of the skill and a lapse in any one of them will effect your ability to navigate properly.

Part 1 is the ability to know where you are. This is the key part of navigation. Not just in terms of being able to carry on your journey and know the direction to go in next but also in an emergency situation it is essential to be able to give an accurate description of where you are currently located.

Part 2 is the ability to correctly identify both on the map and in real life the next location you need to head to.

Part 3 and perhaps one of the hardest parts to master is the art of route selection. This part is extremely complicated and down to both the individuals wants, the abilities of the team and in some cases specific to a more military minded navigation session the tactical knowledge of the ground, it’s never a good idea to sky line yourself from a tactical stand point but for a nice relaxing day in the hills few things get the blood pumping quite like being up exposed on a ridge being able to enjoy the phenomenal views that most UK ridges will present for us.

City to Summit’s staff are extremely knowledgeable in many many different forms of navigation. This knowledge and the ability to help coach and pass it on is one of the cornerstones of our company and one of the most important and popular things we offer.

📸 by Matthew Carver
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Every day in the mountains always encompasses an aim, a goal of what the group wants to achieve.

Normally, with most general mountain days the goal is achieving the summit. The key things of these days are that the goal is manageable, the goal is measurable and the goal is, more than anything, achievable.

There will be many challenges along the way. The biggest one especially in the UK at all times of the year is visibility. The weather in the mountains is very changeable. You can have glorious sunshine followed very closely by thick fog and cloud.

Being prepared for any weather is an essential skill that every mountaineer needs to possess, the ability to adapt to an ever changing mountain environment. City to Summit instructors are experts at being adaptable and helping others learn these skills.

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