One for all you Map ninjas out there.

Image of the area.

Every week we are going to be putting up some kind of interactive post, these posts are aimed at people of all abilities and are aiming to get some interaction amongst the C2S community.

Attached is a picture of some elevated ground and a resevoir. This is then replicated in map form In one of the following 3 pictures.

All we want you guys to do is tell us the following 4 things…what map shows the area we are looking at in this picture, where this picture is taken from, what the name of the resevoir is, and atleast one other feature that makes you think it’s that area.

Some of you may instantly know this area, some of you will have undoubtedly spent a long time in this area just like we have. But others of you will need to think about it and work it out. Good luck.

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The Pilgrim Boot by AKU is in my humble opinion one of the best all round walking boots ever created.

Regardless of what kind of terrain you’re going over, regardless of whether you’re carrying lots of weight or just the essentials, this may well be the boot for you.

I’ll start this by saying that just because this boot works perfectly for me it may not work perfectly for you. I would always recommend going and getting your feet measured and fitted for a pair of boots so that they work perfectly for you aswell.

Now back to the pilgrim. This boot was designed for the military with a lot of input from military professionals in the special forces. Its light and comfy enough to run in with enough support and cushioning to TAB in or spend long days in the hills with heavy weight on your back.

It comes in goretex or non goretex depending upon your requirements. The goretex version does exactly what it says on the tin without sacrificing to much breathability, the non goretex while it may let water in is very quick drying.

These boots have already done hundreds of kilometers for me and are still as good as the day I first put them on and I really can not recomend them highly enough.

I would not be surprised if over the coming year you will find almost all of the C2S staff wearing them while instructing you or cutting around in the hills in their own time.

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A massive thank you from the City to Summit staff today to our steadily growing army of followers.

Today, thanks to all your help we’ve just passed the 100 Follower mark on our Instagram page!

It’s taken it’s time, been steadily growing but the team are adamant that instead of pushing out multiple, sometimes useless posts a day, we’re going to continue posting relevant, interesting and hopefully inspiring posts 4 or 5 times a week.

Over the coming months we plan on creating more gear reviews and advice on some of the best kit we have found and regularly use, we’re also planning on creating some more interactive posts, posts where we ask and tutor you, for free, on small easy bits of mountain skills you can do from your sofa, in your front room!

We will of course be pushing out our normal content and updates about the company, the training we’re going through and the skills we are able and happy to help you learn or improve.

Once again, thank you to all of you for helping us reach 100 people on Instagram and almost 150 people on facebook!

One last big ask for me, if you’re one of our facebook followers and dont follow us on Instagram or vice versa, then go find us and give us a follow, you’re support Is always appreciated, a massive thank you from us all again and keep on liking, sharing and spreading the word!

Help us, help you, help others!

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Everyone likes to be alone from time to time. Being in the mountains is a great escape from the chaos of the real world. Below we talk about the key things we here at City to Summit think you should do to ensure that your adventures dont suffer and become unsafe.

Matt reflecting in the hills.
Number 1, be realistic, by all means push yourself, but within reason, I for instance will never physically push myself on a solo hike/ mountain day unless it is somewhere with very good amenities if something was to go wrong. Dont attempt something that you wouldn’t attempt with a friend or a team, on your own.

Number 2, pack the essentials and dont worry about the luxuries. Warm kit, wet kit, water, food, and safety equipment (map, compass, emergency shelter, first aid kit) do you really need any more?

Number 3, dont neglect your navigation practice. A map and compass, should always be taken out into the hills with you. Use it, every day is a learning day, you may learn something new when you least expect it. Use your solo hike to practice the basics, pacing, practice your ability to take and walk on a bearing etc.

Finally number 4, always let someone know where you’re going and when you’re expecting to be back, dont forget to always add in a little leeway in terms of the final time to account for things that you didnt expect to happen.

If this seems like something you’d enjoy but dont have the confidence to go out by yourself yet then a lesson or two with the crew at C2S could be exactly what you need to gain that confidence in your abilities.

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Today’s kit post is all about compasses.

Silva Expediation 4, used by forces across the globe.

There are many types of compass people use but the staff here at C2S swear by the Silva Expedition 4. Most of the time we use the Military version as it comes in Mills.

Any compass in mills is our preference. This makes taking a bearing slightly better and more accurate.

What compasses do you guys use? Different makes? Mills or Degrees?

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This morning I woke up, went to work, ready to my job. So too did the police officer killed in London this morning while in his office.

The Thin Blue Line.
The police and armed forces have worked closely together for a long, long time. It’s been a privilidged and an honour to work with many of Britain’s finest both those that wear green and those that wear black.

Often these people, Male, Female, Black or White, go un-thanked.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, from the Thin Red Line to our brothers and sisters in the Thin Blue Line.

It’s an honour to stand side by side with you in defence of our great country and I hope that what we’re doing here at City to Summit with our ‘veterans programme’ will help as many members of the emergency services as it does members of the armed forces!

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Matt back out in the Breacon Beacons on Hay Bluff.

If you’re upset by the results you didn’t get, with the effort you didn’t put in, maybe it’s time to reflect upon the reason you’re really upset.

If you want it, work for it, no one will give it to you.

Matt Burford, 6 Rifles, Founder of City to Summit

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Here at City to Summit we have always never been happy just being good enough, we always strive to be the best, to be better than the competition, both personal and professional.

Simon at the end of mentally difficult 7 hour hike on Elan Valley.
We aim to give the customer that sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from learning or achieving something new.

Be that improving a skill such as your navigation ability or be that finally reaching the summit of a mountain that has eluded you since you set your sights on it.

Our courses enable you to learn and fine tune the skills that bring these achievements into arms reach.

The ability to navigate in dense fog and cloud cover, the ability to tactically lead your team across mountainous terrain, safely, quickly and to a location that will surprise the enemy, a taster of the ability to climb rocks or to descend cliff faces safely.

Our customers are people that strive for excellence, people that just being good enough is never enough, people that always want to be better than those that have gone before them, better than they themselves were yesterday.

To take a skill you already have and improve it takes practice, this practice is exactly what the C2S staff can give you, practice in a safe, secure, fun environment.

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