A break point is a saying that is known amongst many members of the military.

A break point is the moment when a soldier; feeling everything is getting a little bit to overwhelming, be that in a fire fight, on exercise, or in every day normal life; takes a small step back, recalibrates and goes again.

The break point is the difference between panic and control. The ability to take control of a rapidly disintegrating situation.

There have been many situations like this in my life, situations where everything seems to be against me, situations where I could have run away and buried my head in the sand, but instead I chose to take a deep breath and step forward.

Since learning this skill I refuse to back away from challenges, City to Summit was set up with this aim in mind, we strive to help you learn this skill, when everything seems to be falling apart around you, when the weather has closed in and in the back of your head that voice is talking about how screwed you are.

Take a breath, clear your mind and remember the skills we have taught you, the knowledge to allow you to look at your map, work out where you are and get somewhere safe to call for help, or to work out how to get off the mountain to safety.

A break point is about changing the way we think, understanding our limits and learning how not to let them stop us.

When everyone around you panics and steps backwards, take a deep breath and step forward!

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