The effect of the 9/11 attacks will forever be felt.

19 years ago today the world changed.

City to Summit remembers those that died that day, those that ran towards the fires and those of our brothers and sisters that went to war on the back of this event.

All those who have been down range, us, and those like us, the damned few.

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Co-Founder Simon on the hills of the Elan Valley

Fitness is a paramount priority for many sports and none more so than Mountaineering.

Both mental and physical endurance is essential if you are to complete your task in the mountains effectively, quickly and safely.

Mental endurance is important, without it when the going gets tough you will struggle to keep motivated but even more importantly, your mind needs to be in the best possible position incase things go wrong.

Physical endurance is an essential part of our sport as without it your body will not cope with the stresses of the climb and you will struggle, your safety may be compromised and you will not enjoy your trip.

Every mountain should be a challenging climb but it is your job to ensure you give yourself the best possible chances of getting to the top and back again.

While City to Summit instructors are not qualified PTIs we are more than happy to signpost people to qualified to help improve their fitness and to help people busy showing them the kind of things we do to train for the hills.

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Staff navigation training today in the Elan Valley.

Easily some of the worst terrain I’ve ever had to work with in the UK.

Lots of practice, lots of training, lots of pain, lots of river crossings and wet feet.

I’m sure tomorrow when it’s all stopped aching we’ll be able to give a proper write up on how it went.

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We have reached our first Milestone. Our first 50 followers. It’s been a long time coming but the only way is up from here!

Shout out to @mason_b_climbing. Our 50th Follower.

Dont forget to come and join our Strava Club at Strava.com/clubs/732219 the new home of the Mountaineer and Adventurer!

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After a long day of sorting things out. Its here!

The C2S team is happy to announce our STRAVA club.

‘Founded by veteran and serving members of the British Armed Forces. The club and C2S in general are a place for soldiers, Veterans and like minded, highly motivated individuals with a strong focus on Mountain Fitness. Be that Running, walking, hiking, climbing or anything in between.

We envision the club as a place for people looking to train, to help others and to better themselves.

If any of that sounds like you then go check us out and join!


The link to this will also stay in our Bio for the foreseeable future!

Please help us make our brand grow. C2S is all about you and helping you grow in the mountains!

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Sorry we have been a bit quieter than normal these past few weeks. The C2S team have been busy plotting new things.

We’ve got something big on the horizon.

Something that the team is very excited to share with you.

The first announcement from City to Summit should be live and ready to go tomorrow so watch this space!

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A break point is a saying that is known amongst many members of the military.

A break point is the moment when a soldier; feeling everything is getting a little bit to overwhelming, be that in a fire fight, on exercise, or in every day normal life; takes a small step back, recalibrates and goes again.

The break point is the difference between panic and control. The ability to take control of a rapidly disintegrating situation.

There have been many situations like this in my life, situations where everything seems to be against me, situations where I could have run away and buried my head in the sand, but instead I chose to take a deep breath and step forward.

Since learning this skill I refuse to back away from challenges, City to Summit was set up with this aim in mind, we strive to help you learn this skill, when everything seems to be falling apart around you, when the weather has closed in and in the back of your head that voice is talking about how screwed you are.

Take a breath, clear your mind and remember the skills we have taught you, the knowledge to allow you to look at your map, work out where you are and get somewhere safe to call for help, or to work out how to get off the mountain to safety.

A break point is about changing the way we think, understanding our limits and learning how not to let them stop us.

When everyone around you panics and steps backwards, take a deep breath and step forward!

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Life begins where your comfort zone ends.

It’s a common saying and I’m sure most of you will have heard it countless times. But just how true is it?

Anyone that loves adventure and loves being outdoors will tell you that nothing easy is ever really worth having.

Every adventure you will ever have is much more fun, much more memorable if you’re out of your comfort zone while you’re doing it.

The sense of achievement from something that was easy is tiny, the sense of achievement for something that scared you, something that was difficult to achieve and you had to work for is phenomenal.

These are the kind of memories the team here at City to Summit can help you achieve. By helping you move out of your comfort zone but still keep you as safe as possible while you’re doing it.

We love the mountains, and the senses of freedom and adventure that come with it. We love the memories a good day in the hills, a good day learning new skills that not only help expand your comfort zone but could also one day save a life.

What’s more is we are desperate to help you all achieve more; more adventure, more freedom, more memories. Because life really does begin where your comfort zone ends.

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